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Sunday, 20 November 2011

What type of Photographer would you Hire?

I've been studying the art of photography for fourteen years and there are several different types (personalities) of photographers to pick from.

Lets see....There's

Intellectuals, Masters, Self taught, Moms with a Nice Camera, Degree Holding (schooled), Photo Journalists, Instructional (university instructors or professors). The list could go on and on!

 I can say I know some of all of these types and personalities of photographers. Can I say one is better than the other? Absolutely!! But who am I to say what's good or what's best for someone else? What I may think is a great photograph, someone else may think is boring or just plain awful! A certain personality or style may fit me, but not necessarily you!!

What makes our industry so difficult for individuals looking for that perfect wedding photographer? We are all so different in personality, education, business sense, style, prices, products and techniques. I could go on and on about our differences! The range of photography as a whole is actually quite fascinating really! Everybody thinks they're a photographer...What's the criteria of a photographer? That's the hundred dollar question!!

All we can do is advise couples to look at several wedding photographers before they make that final decision. Go with your heart!! If you do your shopping in the correct way, I guarantee you'll find that perfect fit for your
All So Perfect Wedding Day!

What type of Photographer am I?
Well, first of all... I hate talking about myself! I'm a schooled photographer....I took my very first class (basic photography) about 14 years ago...Back then I started as a non degree seeking student and took so many classes and finally said to myself "Get Your Degree!" and by golly that's what I did! It took a while but it was well worth every minute! I've studied under Master Photographers and have learned from some of the best!
I've come to figure out that this photography thing is very much my passion!!!

I love doing self portraiture for this very reason.... I LOVE having AWESOME images of myself!! Tell me somebody who doesn't??

If I want to forget it all for a moment or two, I grab my camera and tripod and take a nice long walk on our farm and shoot away! Life is pretty darn good!  I Thank the Lord for everything in my life!!!

Posted on 11/20/2011 6:00 PM by Ann Thoni
Thursday, 17 November 2011

What's the Most Important Aspect of Your Wedding....

Your boyfriend has popped the question and it's time to start the planning stages of your Wedding. The list making, the questions in your mind.....Is my fiance' going to be involved in the planning stages or do I just want his support??? Question after question will continue to pop up in your brain!

One of the best questions you can ask yourself is in the title of this post! What are we going to put the most emphasis on? The photography, the venue, the food, the flowers, the dress....Where are we going to cut corners? This is hard for every bride on a budget. What we advise, if asked, is that you should visit and spend a couple of days at our bridal shows and collect vendor information and go from there. Then you should have a clearer idea of what's important to you and your fiance'.

Our Bridal Shows are absolutely FABULOUS and we feel they are a great investment to a bride preparing for that special day....

Here's more great ideas on Wedding Planning....

Posted on 11/17/2011 7:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Monday, 14 November 2011

Would your husband, fiance' or boyfriend watch "Say Yes to the Dress" with you over a Football Game??

If there's a game on my husband wants to watch (which are ALL FOOTBALL games) and there's a Wedding show on I want to watch...would my husband watch it with me? Absolutely not!!!

Why? Who knows! It's something about shows we like to watch....I think men think they are going to lose their masculinity if they watch one.  Really......Who knows what they think sometimes!!! I wish I had a dollar for every football game I've watched over the twenty-seven years of marriage! I actually like football or most all sports for that matter! What's wrong with shopping for wedding dresses, cooking or a great love story every once in a while???

If you have a boyfriend, fiance' or husband that will watch your shows with you, be a little grateful for that very humble part of your life!

What's wrong with having the best of both worlds???

Posted on 11/14/2011 6:10 AM by Ann Thoni
Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Where are the Best Picturesque Places to Shoot?

As a professional photographer, I see a photo opt at every turn. I know that's what I've been trained to see in my studies. And...It's become almost automatic for me to capture the beauty of an individual or family just about anywhere at anytime!


This time of year is the prettiest time of year for me, especially this year! The colors that the Lord has provided are just so vibrant! And they're hanging around for a while longer it seems (or maybe it's just me being more observant). The best family portraiture is this time of year. The temperature is great, wearing warm colors are best, and it's just plain Picturesque!!!

I encourage families to do their portraits at their family home (grandparent's or parent's home place). It's where they spend most of their time and it's very personal to them. It means so much more to families when it's done at their home instead of the studio or on location. Our studio is located on our 40 acre family farm and we have lots of places for Family Portraiture, but I still recommend family portraiture at your home!

We LOVE this Family!

Posted on 11/09/2011 7:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Monday, 07 November 2011

Venues or Any Vendor....

Had a couple come in yesterday to interview us for their Wedding... "Absolutely beautiful couple"!!!

They were telling me about looking around for their venue for their Wedding. They went to some of the best and most beautiful places in Nashville. There's one in particular that they got terrible customer service from. She (the bride) played phone tag with someone and then went to the venue for a consult and she (the bride) was totally turned off by the lady conducting the consult!

Now, this is one of the premium venues in Nashville! Would you book your Wedding with a venue that gave you terrible customer service from start to finish? Does the beauty of a venue mean more or over-ride terrible Customer Service?

Posted on 11/07/2011 11:40 AM by Ann Thoni
Thursday, 03 November 2011

Congrats to David and Brandi on their upcoming nuptials....

What an AWESOME "Save the Date" shoot we had!!! Brandi and David brought the pumpkins to show their Wedding Date and their creativity in their images! LOVE IT!!! Awesome job guys!!!

Posted on 11/03/2011 7:20 AM by Ann Thoni
Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Wedding Drama

It seems there is always some type of drama at Weddings! If I think about it, I'm sure I could come up with something from every Wedding that we've done. Think about it folks....When you put two families together and you've hired all of these professionals to work your wonderful, unforgettable event...your Wedding....Some drama is inevitable!!!

In the society we live in today, there's drama at every turn. We turn the TV on...We all live to see reality shows! We watch the news...Nothing but drama! The weather....Mother Nature's drama!  Really....If there wasn't a little drama, life would actually be boring! 

During the planning stages of your Wedding Day, there may be family drama (seen a little), Wedding party drama, cake drama, disc jockey drama, and even photographer drama!

I actually think some people LOVE drama! Me, I try my best to stay clear of it!

Okay folks....This is a drama story for ya! The guy who's circled is a guy at this Wedding that nobody knew! He was in the middle of everything at the reception (don't remember seeing him at the ceremony, but I bet he was there). I believe he was a sport fan of the couple....They both played collegiate basketball. He took tons of pictures and I don't think a single soul said a word to him about being there!

This guy was so out of place...Everybody was like.... "Who is that guy?" I even asked! I guess you could call him a classic Wedding Crasher!


He was everywhere!

If you had a Wedding Crasher at your Wedding or say Your Daughter's or Son's Wedding, would you ask them to leave?


Posted on 11/01/2011 8:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bridal Show Coming Up Sunday @ The Factory in Franklin 1:00 - 5:00

Come out and have an afternoon of fun at "Here Come The Brides Bridal Show" in Franklin! This is the our first time attending this particular show, so we're expecting a HUGE day of fun and giveaways!

Giveaways from every booth...Our giveaway is a "very nice" digital frame! So come see us and put your name in the hat for all the great giveaways!

Can't wait to meet new Brides and Grooms!!!


We have a few tickets left!


Posted on 10/26/2011 9:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Monday, 24 October 2011

How do you know you're getting what you're paying for from your Wedding Photographer?

I would have to say, do your homework! Research your photographer.  Look at their work, read their testimonials, call previous people they've done work for.  I could give a long list! If you read testimonials, they should speak for themselves...testimonials should all read differently. Each are composed by different people. I can't say enough about testimonials...ALWAYS, ALWAYS READ TESTIMONIALS. They will tell you tons!!! 

When you hire your photographer, be sure they contract and never pay in full!! This is a no no.... "ESPECIALLY" if the photographer you're talking to isn't established! You want your photographer to do engagement pictures. This will give you experience with your professional before the Wedding Day. We do at least two sessions with most of our couples before their actual Wedding Day.... and when that Wedding Day arrives, they know us. They know our style of work and our work ethic. So they're very comfortable. They have no worries or concerns with our work. So, you know what that means... NO STRESS!

We all want GREAT customer service. Consider the time it takes to see your edited engagement photos. What's the image quality when you're viewing them? What does the photographer do with your engagement images? There's a long list of items I could spill out, but a lot of it is your gut. If your gut is saying NO, then more than likely that photographer or vendor isn't for you!

So, do research and homework on your photographer before you sign that dotted line! It sure is worth the time and effort it takes!

Ask yourself this...what's the use of planning one of the most important days of my life if I can't expect the best work and products from my Wedding vendors?

What a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE they were!!!

Posted on 10/24/2011 9:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Okay, Your Boyfriend has Just Proposed...

...and you have the most beautiful ring you've ever seen! There's a bridal show coming up! You're all excited and can't wait to get started shopping, getting ideas, and planning your Wedding! Well then, a bridal show is the best place to get started. You can go to a bridal show, talk to vendors and get those ideas to get you started!

What to do when you get there? Soak it to vendors...look for that certain style that pops out at you. Get prices, if you have prices to consider once a bridal show is said and done, then you can figure your budget! Once you've set that budget, start making appointments with vendors that stick out in your mind for you and fiance' personal taste. I think my first appointment would be with a Wedding planner! This person is a MUST!!! If you want a perfect and stress free day, then hire that perfect planner!

Don't just visit one bridal show, attend several if possible! The more planning and effort you put into your Wedding Day the better it's going to be for you and your family.

We can't say enough about bridal shows for couples! They are a MUST when planning the perfect Wedding Day for you and your future spouse!!!

  Next Bridal Show!

Sunday, October 30th @ The Factory in Franklin from 1 - 5:00!

Here Come the Brides, Bridal Show


This blog was inspired by a cousin that just became engaged over the past weekend!

CONGRATS Kristi and David!


Posted on 10/19/2011 6:30 PM by Ann Thoni
Sunday, 16 October 2011

Some of our Beautiful Venues....

Woodson Chapel Church of Christ

Holy Family Catholic Church

Cool Springs House

Arnolds Airforce Base, Lakeside Center

Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Harpeth Hills Church of Christ

Oak Lawn

Vanderbilt Legends Club

Eastwood Christian

Ambrose House

Scarritt Bennett / Wightman Chapel

Scarritt Bennett


Posted on 10/16/2011 7:15 PM by Ann Thoni
Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Should Your Wedding Photographer Become a director at Your Wedding?

Absolutely, if your photographer knows what they're doing, they will direct!!!

Seems like at every wedding we've done, we're asked how something is done...even if there's a coordinator on the premises! You would think that's whom you should go to, but 9 times out of 10 they ask us!

We're always directing...

We set up scenes - this is a time maybe when the groom sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day. When this is done, it's always before the wedding ceremony. Nontraditional couples do this for before ceremony portrait sessions because of time restraints! We pose - during organized photography sessions, we're always posing! It could be just the couple we're working with or their families, but we're always positioning folks to get that professional look we want.

I hear of some photography studios spending several hours before and after weddings doing sessions. In my opinion, this is an overkill! A couple of hours of organized photography should be enough on a couples wedding day for your professional photographer.This is always discussed before the Wedding day, so, this is actually part of our directing, sort of speak! We were told by one of our brides how she was an attendant in a Wedding party a few months before her own Wedding, and they spent five hours before the ceremony doing pictures! Really??? That's absolutely ludicrous!

Directing is part of being a Wedding Photographer and that's an attribute you want to see in your professional Wedding Photographer! So, expect it!


A beautiful October Wedding!

Posted on 10/11/2011 7:10 AM by Ann Thoni
Friday, 07 October 2011

Customer Service....

How important is it to you when looking for professional services?

I've been a consumer all my life and it's in my nature to want GREAT customer service! I see it coming back like it use to be 30 years ago. It's the biggest and most important attribute in the business world today, that I see anyway!!! We all have that desire and need to feel wanted in most everything we do, especially when we are spending our hard earned dollar!

Customer service is not about that initial sale or booking, it's about the entire time we spend with our clients! ! It's also wanting our clients to believe they got exactly what they paid for!! We spend a lot of time with our couples once they're booked for their Wedding! Sometimes we do a "Save the Date" image, we do their engagement images, then her bridal images, normally two weeks before the Wedding (wonderful time for hair and makeup trials), and then their Wedding day! We really get to know our clients personally, we get to know and understand what they want from us on their Wedding Day!

To us, it's all about wanting that client to return to us with their future families. It's knowing they've enjoyed their experiences with us and having that professional product to carry home to enjoy for a lifetime with their families!

That's the meaning of customer service to us! We're very proud to serve our clientele with the best professional products and services around!

One of our favorite couples EVER!!!

Tell us what customer service means to you!

Posted on 10/07/2011 8:25 AM by Ann Thoni
Monday, 03 October 2011

  A Beautiful September Wedding...    







Congrats to this beautiful couple!!!


Posted on 10/03/2011 7:40 AM by Ann Thoni
Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bridal Shows

They are a MUST when planning a Wedding!

We were very fortunate to be a part of "The Pink Bridal Show in Murfreesboro" on Sunday and it was a wonderful show! A great venue at a beautiful location. It was also the perfect size...we were busy, but not too busy to speak to every bride that stepped into our booth. The must part comes from knowing and experiencing the bridal show setting. When we are at a bridal show, I can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air and not just from the brides and their families, but from the vendors as well! Most vendors that's been in this industry for sometime, loves Weddings! And the reason being is the happiness you feel for couples entering into a new place and era in their lives. Each life and each bride's story are unique in their on special way.

Had a bride's mother tell me an awesome story about how her daughter's engagement ring came about. This is her last child of four to get married. Of course, she had a gorgeous engagement ring on her finger! We (my daughter and I) always want to see the brides engagement ring (I guess we're those typical women that loves the romance and the diamonds)!!! The mother and the daughter lost their husband and father four years ago. The mother gave the daughter her diamond from her engagement ring. The daughter's engagement ring was stunning to say the least! The story absolutely gave me chills down my spine!!!

But anyway, I seem to always get sidetracked from my point!

Point being...our bridal shows are a one stop shopping for ideas and vendors for your Wedding! This is one of the most important days of your life, so don't compromise on any little detail of your Wedding. Talk to every vendor there, get a feel of what you want from your vendors! What we tell most brides is to interview at least three photographers before they decide on their wedding photographer. We all have different styles, personalities, prices, products, etc...and your Wedding would be hard to replace if you hire the wrong photographer or any other vendor for that matter!

So, bridal shows are a MUST when planning your Wedding!

 What a great show we had on Sunday! Thanks to the Brides, Grooms, and Families for coming out to shop and learn!

Until our next show which is Sunday, October 30th from 1 - 5 at The Factory in Franklin! We have tickets, so feel free to stop in and get free tickets to the show!

We're also planning an Open House the weekend following our next show!

Share your experiences you've had with bridal shows....

Posted on 09/28/2011 7:40 AM by Ann Thoni
Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bridal Shows

Are they important to a Bride and Groom?

First of all, let me say this...I wish I had attended a bridal show or two twenty-seven years ago! I'm sure they were around, but we sure didn't know about them! When we (my husband and I) were planning our Wedding, we were on our own! No insight, no advice that I remember, or none of any significants anyway!!!

If you have a budget and you're planning a Wedding, bridal shows are a MUST!!! The benefits are: GREAT IDEAS, learning different styles and techniques of wedding vendors, pricing information, etc. The options are abundant and very informational....

We've been attending bridal shows for three years and we LOVE meeting potential Brides and Grooms and talking about their Weddings. Bridal shows gives potential Brides and Grooms insight on what to expect and gives your potential vendors a step closer into providing a needed service for couples planning their Wedding!

As a Wedding Photographer, I feel Bridal Shows are almost like a one stop shopping for Wedding Vendors! They're a MUST for couples planning their wedding!

We have a FABULOUS BRIDAL SHOW scheduled for Sunday, September 25th in Murfreesboro.

"The Pink Bridal Show Murfreesboro"

Come join us, we would love to meet you and talk Wedding Photography!

We have a few tickets remaining to give away!

Tell us about your past experiences with bridal shows....


Posted on 09/18/2011 4:30 PM by Ann Thoni
Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What are Bridal Sessions? This is a question many brides ask us!

Bridal sessions are for the bride a few weeks before her wedding day! It's a GREAT day for the bride to try her hair style, her makeup, her flowers, etc.! This is a day for her to plan to be with her Mom and her girls, putting that beautiful wedding gown on and being pampered that one extra day before her actual Wedding Day! And the best reason for a bridal session is the beautiful bridal portraits for your Storybook Wedding Album and wall portraits for your home!

All brides, after all said and done, are so delighted they had their bridal session. It's a great day a bride can remember forever and a day to share with her Mom!!!

This is the Beautiful Bride from our Saturday's Wedding!

This is one of her many beautiful bridal portraits!

 Congrats to Mike and Danielle!

You were a GORGEOUS Bride and your Wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Danielle!!!

Have a wonderful honeymoon!


Please share comments on how Beautiful Danielle is!


Posted on 09/13/2011 7:00 AM by Ann Thoni
Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Why we LOVE Photographing Weddings?

This question came to mind for this reason...I never thought I would ever enjoy Wedding Photography but, "I also said, I would never go digital"...isn't that laughable?

As a wedding photographer, we're always pushed for time on a Wedding Day! There's always a moment to capture, a place to be, maybe a little drama on that special day, and we really do enjoy capturing every moment of the day, and the pressure too, I guess! I know after each wedding we do, it takes me a day or two to recoup my energy! It's worth every single minute of energy and time!!!

We took on Weddings around 4 years ago, and I'm so glad we did! This is what God intended me to do with Forever Images! 

Each couple brings something different and meaningful to the table, weddings and families are so different in so many ways!

A mother with her sons before she marries her best friend!

A Daughter looks at her Father with such admiration and joy!

The Bride's Family Prays with her before her ceremony!

This is exactly why I LOVE our Weddings. The first couple of Weddings we did, I knew this is what I was meant to do!  

The captures you see here are only a very few reasons why we LOVE LOVE our Weddings....


Posted on 09/06/2011 1:35 PM by Ann Thoni
Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What's the best way to find a professional that fits you?

When we have new clients come to the studio, one of the first things we ask is what other professional photographers have you interviewed? Most answers are "none"...that's actually great for us, because we LOVE to set the standard! Unless clients are just set on booking with us, we suggest that they should interview at least two more "professional" photographers! Some customers looked a little puzzled when we suggest this process, not sure why other than this day and time most vendors probably wouldn't suggest this to potential customers! We're here to attract new brides and grooms, but we enjoy teaching smart techniques as well! Most of the time, those potential customers return to book with us! 

This is only one way to find that perfect professional that fits you!

Another important tip is set up appointments, spend a little time with potential professionals, ask lots of questions and your gut and intuition will guide you in the right direction with your decisions!

Remember, when choosing your professional photographer or any other professional for your event, go with your intuition, your gut says it all!


Posted on 08/31/2011 7:27 AM by Ann Thoni
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

 How long should a family wait in between times getting family portraits taken? This question came to mind when we had the pleasure of shooting an old friends family, this family has never had professional pictures made. Her son is now at boot camp and this is something she wanted to do before he left for boot camp. Thank you Austin for your service!!! 

When I talk about this to a client, I say if you can do family portraits every five years, you're way ahead of most people! Personally, our family (extended family) does this one a year, on Thankgiving Day. Sure, I'm a photographer and it's my business but, it's also my passion! I've always loved my pictures and as long as my family comes around on Thanksgiving, there will be pictures made!

These senerios are from one extreme to the other...

So, please tell me - how long should we go in between family portraits being made?

Posted on 08/23/2011 7:56 AM by Ann Thoni