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Monday, 24 July 2017
Stepping out of the comfort box...

Stepping out of the comfort box, in my opinion, makes us all stronger and more educated in everything we do! I do it in my business life, my personal life and in my worldly life! Now blogging is completely out of my box, but I need and have to do it sometimes for my business! So, I was going through several photo shoots I haven't blogged about and came to this gorgeous shot of this beautiful family I did in the spring. Now, why is this particular shot out of the comfort box?? First of all, it's midday, which is really a "no no" in professional photography lingo. Especially for Masters in photography, and I've studied under plenty of Masters in my day! Most teachers say, find shade! No, not me!!! This family endured midday full sun, heat, and bugs (in a field)! The children weren't the most cooperative children, but I truly love kids! They probably think I'm the crazy photographer lady! Ha!
But anyway, in my professional opinion, this shot is a complete success and wall hanger in all technical terms! The lighting is perfect, the setting is perfect, their expressions are very natural and you can see their eyes, which is MAJOR in professional photography!
Stepping out of the box is always fantastic for me...


Posted on 07/24/2017 4:39 PM by Ann Thoni