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This Gave me Chills....

This gave me chills when I witnessed and photographed these athletes performing at Crossfit Cool Springs Open 17.1... I myself have been an avid crossfitter for going on four years. This form of fitness has completely transformed my life...Not just my fitness or physical appearance, but the way I live my entire life... I am in complete belief that we all have our highs and we all have our lows... Besides my family and my work, this crossfit business is a complete high for me and a huge part of my life! Each time I walk into my crossfit gym, I know I am going to walk out feeling like a new, cleared minded and energized woman.... My day is all the better when I start it with my crossfit community and a hard classic crossfit workout! The coaches, the energy, the community, the heroes (you know who they are if you crossfit), the support, the old, the young and even babies.... I've been in the fitness world for a long time and I have finally found my place, my little slice of heaven... I've been searching for a long time!
If it doesn't take hard work folks, it's probably not worth having! You should give it a shot!!! 

Yes, the struggle is very real folks!!! Open 17.3 is this Saturday @ 9:00am...
come on out to watch, ask questions and start an amazing path to fitness!